Joint IEEE ComSoc-CAS Weenend Workshop: Next Generation Circuits and Systems, Communications and Sensor Technologies in Mobile Devices

Saturday, September 29th, 2012 at 8:30 am - 4:45 pm

Santa Clara University

Chair: MP Divakar
Organizer: Shahram Mahdavi, Sameer Herlekar, Dimitri Loizos, Sanjay Kasturia & Shoba Krishnan

Session Abstract:This workshop covers advances in MEMs based sensors and the continuing progress in the integration of these sensors with control, signal processing and communication electronics. Several of the speakers will also address end user solutions (motion characterization, contextual awareness, gestures, sensor-aided navigation, haptic feedback, health and fitness, life-logging, etc.) which illustrate what can be achieved with the availability of these sensing interfaces (Accelerometer, Proximity, Touch, Pressure, Camera etc) on a connected platform.
After a keynote talk by Professor Tom Lee on the history of wireless communications, we will have two tracks. The first track focuses on progress in the development of circuits, sensors and devices whereas the second track covers advances in hardware and identifies applications/usage scenarios. Each track has approximately a 2 hours and 10min duration including keynotes and Q&A. The attendees will also have an opportunity to interact with vendors at the table-top exhibits. Additionally, attendees may review projects from Santa Clara University's Center for Science, Technology, & Society at this workshop.

Speaker: Theodore Yu, TI

Bio: Texas Instruments, Kilby Labs, Silicon Valley Labs

Title: Event-based Analog Sensing

Speaker: Stephen Lloyd, Invensense

Bio: VP Engineering, Invensense

Title: CMOS-MEMS Integration will be a requirement for next-generation

Speaker: Harmeet Bhugra, IDT

Bio: Managing Director, MEMS Group, Integrated Device Technology, Inc.

Title: Introducing the World's First Piezoelectric MEMS Oscillators

Speaker: Ian Olsen, Maxim

Bio: Executive Director, Optical Sensor Business, Maxim Integrated Products

Title: Sensor Technologies Leading a Convergence of Human Interface and Product Differentiation

Speaker: Samyeer Metrani, Mistral Solutions

Bio: VP - Design Services, Mistral Solutions, Inc.

Title: Hardward and Software Challenges in Sensor Integration