Opportunities, Business Issues & technical Challenges of making Home Energy Management a Mainstream Technology

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012 at 6:30 PM

TI Auditorium

Chair: Tim Colleran, QCA
Organizer: Tim Colleran, QCA

Session Abstract:Smart meters, the smart grid, cloud services and energy efficiency are buzzwords that have been cropping up with increasing frequency. Our own regional utility, PG&E has rolled out smart meters on a large scale in large parts of Silicon Valley. The Obama administration has announced several initiatives on Smart Grid and made this one of the key programs for the greening of America. We, as consumers, have seen a slow roll out of services that today let us view our home energy consumption on a daily basis and continue to hear of time-of-day billing plans. Where is all of this heading? What are the business imperatives that will drive energy management? What can we expect and what are the challenges that prevent this from happening instantly? These are questions that will be addressed in this ComSocSCV meeting. Speakers from four companies, each representing a different area of the energy management ecosystem, will present position statements and participate in a panel session followed by Q and A.

Speaker: Mike Bourton

Bio: Mike Bourton has extensive experience working with early stage and established telecom companies. His career has covered general management, design and development, marketing, corporate and strategic marketing and planning, market development and product line management, corporate alliance and business development.
Prior to Founding Grid2Home, Mr. Bourton was Director of New Business Development for Texas Instruments in the Home Networking Division. He also served as vice president and general manager for Agilent Technologies where he was responsible for the design and manufacture of telecommunication testing and service assurance equipment and was vice president and general manager for Acterna Corporation, the largest provider of communications test solutions for telecommunications and cable network operators. He began his management career in the UK at Telspec and then IPM, providers of communications systems. Mr. Bourton received his bachelor's degree in Communication Engineering from Plymouth University, UK.

Title: Smart Energy Profile 2.0

Abstract: Mike Bourton from Grid2Home, a Smart Energy Solution provider, will talk about the SEP2.0 Protocol and Application. Smart Energy Profile (SEP) will be a key part of the Utility plans for Home Energy Management. Primarily designed for the Home side of the Smart Meter but also now being considered for the AMI side. It will likely be critical to interfacing auto charging and appliances to the smart grid. Mike can talk to the difficulties of getting a multi-phy standard through to certification, the importance of security, zero configuration and how interoperability is a key piece of the puzzle.

Speaker: Manoj Bhatnagar

Bio: Manoj Bhatnagar has extensive experience in management and hands-on development of firmware, hardware, and IC products. Manoj has managed full product life-cycle, from product requirements, through detailed design specifications, implementation, validation & verification, to production deployment and maintenance.

Title: ASIC Implementation for Internet of Everything Devices

Abstract: Manoj Bhatnagar from the IOT business unit of Qualcomm Atheros will be speaking on the challenges of designing chips that meet the system requirements of low power devices. Arrays of sensors and power controllers with integrated communication protocols can help reduce total energy usage in the home. In many use cases, these devices must be battery powered and are required to operate at very low power levels. Low power chips are a key piece of the energy management ecosystem.

Speaker: David Friedman

Bio: Dave Friedman has spent the past 12 years providing strategic marketing, business development and sales support to start-ups, taking them from product definition to acquisition. Prior to founding Ayla, David served as vice president, business development and senior director, strategic marketing for ZeroG Wireless, a company providing low-power Wi-Fi products to the embedded space. In that role, David forged partnerships with leading microcontroller companies, and built relationships with OEMs serving a variety of markets including health, fitness, home controls and smart energy.
Prior to ZeroG, David was an early employee at Matrix Semiconductor, serving in various sales and marketing roles before Matrix was acquired by SanDisk. In earlier roles, David helped drive pricing strategy at Intel, and was an analyst in the mergers and acquisitions group at Chase Bank. David has an MBA from University of Michigan and a BA from Colgate University. He holds five US patents.

Abstract: Dave Friedman from Ayla Networks, a venture funded startup focusing on Cloud connect for sensors and more, will speak about the challenges of getting very small and low power objects cloud connected in a systematic way. Clearly home sensors will play a huge part of the energy management and these tend to be battery powered devices that drip out small amounts of data.

Speaker: Amit Narayan

Bio: Dr. Amit Narayan is also the of Director of Smart Grid Research at Stanford University where he is leading an interdisciplinary project related to modeling, optimization and control of the electricity grid and associated electricity markets.
Prior to founding AutoGrid, Dr. Narayan was the Vice President of Products at Magma Design Automation, where he led the product development and product management teams responsible for Magma's flagship product in the design implementation area. Prior to joining Magma, Dr. Narayan founded Berkeley Design Automation, a venture backed company in the area of analog and radio-frequency semiconductor design software. Dr. Narayan's work at BDA was conferred with the EDN's Innovation for the Year award in 2006.
Dr. Narayan received his B. Tech. in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute ofTechnology at Kanpur and Ph.D. from University of California at Berkeley.

Abstract: Amit Narayan from AutoGrid Networks, a venture funded startup developing an energy data analysis platform, will talk about how AutoGrid's Energy Data Platform can create a comprehensive, dynamic portrait of the power system by utilizing modern techniques to process unstructured data and use this to enable optimization of pricing & utilization.

Speaker: Tim Colleran

Bio: Tim Colleran is currently Director of Marketing for the Internet of Things Business Initiative at Qualcomm Atheros. Prior to Qualcomm, Tim has served as CEO at wireless startup ZeroG Wireless (acquired by Microchip) and as VP of Consumer, Auto, and Broadcast Business Units at Altera Inc.
Tim hold an MBA from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA and a BSEE from the University of California, Santa Barbara.