DSL Network Architectures and Services

Wednesday, February 11th, 2004 at 6:00 PM

TI Auditorium


Speaker: Dr. Greg Wetzel

Bio: Greg Wetzel is Chief Architect and VP of Network Engineering at Covad Communications which he joined in June 1998. He is responsible for overall network and service architectures, new network service development, and the design of both the broadband access network and the IP services infrastructure. His goal is to ensure Covad's network sets the industry standard for Broadband Access Networks. Greg represents Covad at the DSL Forum, where he has been chair of the Voice over DSL Working Group and at the ATM Forum, where he has been chair of the Architecture Working Group.
For the 10 years prior to Covad, he was at AT&T. For the last half of that period, he was a Technology Consultant with AT&T's ATM Service Development organization where he was responsible for the service architecture and switch requirements and selection. He was also an AT&T representative at the ATM Forum.
His degrees include a BA in Chemistry and Mathematics and a PhD in Computer Science.
Greg is active in ACM SIGCOMM. He has been ACM's representative on the steering committee of the jointly published journal.

Title: DSL Network Architectures and Services

Abstract: This talk will cover basic DSL network architectures and services, discussing the pros and cons of various DSLAM features to implement various network services. In particular, the talk will cover both wholesale and retail models of DSL services and how DSLAM features can be used to support these services. The DSLAM feature sets discussed will be (1) pure ATM switching, (2) Ethernet-based multiplexing, (3) IP-enabled multiplexing.